Happy 17th Birthday Internet!

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In August 6, 1991. The Father of the Internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, flipped the switch on his trusty NeXT Cube computer to make available to the public the first ever web site.

And in conclusion…

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After days of testing (a week actually)…

I’ve come to the conclusion… that in the land of the Linux OS’s… the Ubuntu flavor is king… for ease of use and because of it’s large community base…

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The very first Google Data Center…

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Sergey Brin and Larry Page must have spent all the money on the hard drives… hence the innovative casing… *snicker*

Picture here

All Marketers are Liars - Seth Godin…

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About a week back I already saw a link for Seth Godin’s talk at Google. I paid no attention to it till now…what happened next was a 48 min education on the new wave of marketing being preached by Mr. Godin… which was great because he really is an expert and it saved me the trouble of reading his books…

And another great thing about it was it was all on Google’s dime… thank you Google for giving me a free ride on something that I can’t afford in real life…

Video here

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