December - Collective Soul

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Posted on July 29, 2008 | Viewed 289 times

December promise you gave unto me
December whispers of treachery
December clouds are now covering me
December songs no longer I sing

Just a member of the list of songs that make me want to learn how to play the guitar :D

Your Body Is A Wonderland - John Mayer

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Posted on April 2, 2007 | Viewed 378 times

We got the afternoon
You got this room for two
One thing I’ve left to do
Discover me
Discovering you

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King Without a Crown - Matisyahu

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Posted on September 4, 2006 | Viewed 285 times

You’re all that I have and you’re all that I need
Each and every day I pray to get to know you please
I want to be close to you, yes I’m so hungry
You’re like water for my soul when it gets thirsty
Without you there’s no me
You’re the air that I breathe
Sometimes the world is dark and I just can’t see
With these, demons surround all around to bring me down to negativity
But I believe, yes I believe, I said I believe
I’ll stand on my own two feet
Won’t be brought down on one knee
Fight with all of my might and get these demons to flee
Hashem’s rays fire blaze burn bright and I believe
Out of darkness comes light, twilight unto the heights
Crown Heights burnin’ up all through the twilight
Said, thank you to my God, now I finally got it right
And I’ll fight with all of my heart, and all a’ my soul, and all a’ my might

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Elevation - U2

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Posted on September 4, 2005 | Viewed 284 times

High, higher than the sun
You shoot me from a gun
I need you to elevate me here

A corner of your lips
Is the orbit of your hips
You elevate my soul

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