Run Silent, Run Deep

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While in college I was crazy about nuclear attack submarines… could spend hours wasting my time in submarine simulators…

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Happy 17th Birthday Internet!

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In August 6, 1991. The Father of the Internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, flipped the switch on his trusty NeXT Cube computer to make available to the public the first ever web site.


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Why is it that each generation will always feel disconnected from another? Why am I thinking this way? Well a couple of days ago I was listening to a popular radio station in Davao when I suddenly had the urge to change the station. I was suddenly in the “What is this crap?” mental mode that my parents once had when the radio in the car was tuned to our radio station. To think that just a few months ago I could still appreciate the music at that station.

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End Game

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End Game: Praying Mantis and his Prey

Aren’t we all just oblivious to the little drama’s surrounding our everyday life that don’t affect us?

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