The Seven Basic Principles of Magic

Posted on: May 8, 2009 by : hoop
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After watching this, I see no difference between magicians and some of the powers-that-be. With regards to the methods they use to fool us in order to turn their vested interests into reality. You just have to look back at the history of the great wars of this century and how they started to see my point. Just goes to show that if you don’t have reason to do something, then you can always make one up.

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2 Responses to “The Seven Basic Principles of Magic”

  1. [ 1 ]
    Gypsy Says:

    Ganun ba…I used to watch David Blain but I thought his kind of magic was a bit to “spooky.” :P

    By the way, am back to blogging..hehe. Finally. Buti na lang di mo pa ako tinanggal sa blogroll mo. :)

  2. [ 2 ]
    hoop Says:

    hey welcome back gypsy :D

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