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It’s written in the Bible that when God asked Solomon what he desired from him, he asked God for wisdom. Instead of wealth or power he wanted wisdom. Because of this act of humility he found favor with God and in turn was given both wealth and power. Yet despite the wisdom he possessed, he had not realized that he had offended God by allowing his wives to put up temples to their pagan gods. This led to his fall from Grace.

Learning from this, I ask God now for humility. Humility, so that I will always remember to follow his commandments so as not to offend him. Humility, so that I may never think that I am better than anyone that I don’t give them the dignity and respect that we are all entitled to as children of God. Humility, so that I will always feel shame and ask for forgiveness when I sin against God or my fellow man. Humility, to submit myself to His will at all times despite the difficulty and inconvenience it sometimes brings. Humility, so that I will always remember to give “thanks” to those who made my journey through life easier. Humility, so that in turn I will not hesitate to lend a hand to those who ask for my help. Humility, so that I can strive to live a righteous life, not only in words, but by action. Humility, so that I will never forget that all the blessings I have in my life is through God’s Grace.

I ask this because on my own it would be difficult to accomplish, given that pride is something that people have a lot of and can’t easily let go of. Yet if you acquire it, you will live the unburdened life of being devoid of materialism and beholden only to God.

Tall order. But thankfully, with God, all things are possible.


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