2008 was Life Changing

Posted on: January 2, 2009 by : hoop
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The past year was a good year for me and my family, despite the high price of oil and the credit crunch. A lot of things happened in our lives that were indeed life changing. Despite the hard ships prevalent, I have to acknowledge that God was making a path for us during the tempest. He was a steady hand on a rocking ship.

2008 started with a Question to God on why things had to happen that way. My faith was being tested and I was starting to fail miserably. I haven’t prayed that hard for answers to questions for such a long time. But when you ask for something from God, he will always answer, and so he did. He didn’t give me what I had asked for, but he gave me what I needed.

Because of all of that I promised to be more vocal about my faith and my blessings, so that other’s may find hope and renewed faith in my experiences.

I end 2008, humbled and ashamed. For having doubted God, his infinite wisdom, and his plan for me.

So here’s to 2009, may we all follow His commandments, be generous to those in need, merciful to those who have offended us and remorseful to those we have offended. So that we may be Blessed in turn and be made worthy of Christ’s promise for us.


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