Run Silent, Run Deep

Posted on: August 9, 2008 by : hoop
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While in college I was crazy about nuclear attack submarines… could spend hours wasting my time in submarine simulators…

Knew all the existing classes of submarines operating in both western and eastern navies… from attack subs to boomers… and even the ultra quiet, coastal defense, diesel electric submarines… even the first generation Nautilus and it’s counterpart, the November class (NATO designate) submarine in the Soviet bloc…

Could even spend hours talking about the intricacies of how a nuclear reactor works to anybody who cared to listen…

I suddenly felt like posting about that… like confessing to a priest *snicker*


9 Responses to “Run Silent, Run Deep”

  1. [ 1 ]
    Dominique Says:

    So…ever played 688 Attack Submarine? :-)

  2. [ 2 ]
    shadow Says:

    UAAP fan from Hungary, just wondering if you will be posting today’s game ADMU vs FEU rd.2?

  3. [ 3 ]
    hoop Says:


    Yup, but I prefered Red Storm Rising because I found 688 too slow.


    Sorry but was out this afternoon hence was unable to blog the game.

  4. [ 4 ]
    sunjun Says:

    such a unique interest considering that we barely have any in the phils. ^^ or do we have lots? no idea at all hehehe ^^

    when were you first introduced to subs? ^^

  5. [ 5 ]
    hoop Says:

    The Philippines has no submarine fleet… good too because with the maritime track record of the Philippines I wouldn’t recommend it… hehehe

  6. [ 6 ]
    Dominique Says:

    Only a fool would go out to sea in a ship that was designed to sink.

  7. [ 7 ]
    hoop Says:

    Same as the Airborne then, who like to jump out of perfectly functioning airplanes *snicker*

  8. [ 8 ]
    shadow Says:


    just curios, will you be covering the FEU vs UST 2nd rd too today?, sorry for posting this here.

    daghang salamat

  9. [ 9 ]
    hoop Says:

    Hi shadow,

    Sorry but I couldn’t cover the game yesterday too because of other stuff I had to do.

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