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Posted on: June 1, 2007 by : hoop
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jim_obrien.jpgThe Pacers announced that Jim O’Brien has been named head coach of the Indiana Pacers. Along with that, Larry Bird announced that nobody was untradeable in the team, not even All Star Forward Jermaine O’neal.

I admired Jim O’brien for what he did with the Boston Celtics. He turned it to a playoff contender with Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker as its key pieces. Of course when Danny Ainge came in as Director of Basketball Operations the next thing I heard was that O’brien quit citing differences between them. Go figure? This is the same Danny Ainge that mild mannered Robert Horry threw a towel at. This was during a game when Ainge was coaching the Phoenix Suns and Horry was under him.

Prior to arriving in Indiana, he had coached the 76ers for 1 year. If you look at the ball-hogging roster of that team you’d know that a good coach such as O’brien would eventually take the blame for the teams dismal performance.

So am I happy? I’m Happy! I feel that he is the best choice for the job, but lets not go ahead and revamp the roster just yet, Ok? And while were at it, how about cloning Reggie Miller and Rik Smits? *kidding* Oh shoot!, but we still have to draft them right?

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