5 Points on the Spurs vs Nuggets Game

Posted on: May 3, 2007 by : hoop
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San Antonio SpursHere’s my unsolicited arm-chair assessment on the Spurs vs Nuggets game today that the Spurs won and which booked them a slot to meet the Suns in the second round.

  1. Nene Hilario and Carmelo Anthony were taken out of their game by the stifling defense while Marcus Camby had a really bad-bad-bad off night… boy he couldn’t buy a shot tonight.
  2. Michael Finley had it stuck on automatic… hitting 8 Three pointers in the game, breaking the Spurs record for most three’s made by Bruce Bowen and finishing with 26 points
  3. Duncan being as stoic and boring as usual… who said boring doesn’t win games? they should watch Tim Duncan play… consistency with his bank shot and spot up at the key jumper… in the previous games I just couldn’t see the consistency
  4. Starting strong from the first quarter, losing it a bit at the end of the 2nd then romping away with it again in the third…
  5. Robert”Big-Shot” Horry playing his usual playoff self… I’ve been a Robert Horry fan for the longest time… when everybody was out collecting Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill basketball cards worth 200 big ones, I was out buying Robert Horry’s for 10 bucks a pop (along with Reggie Miller *snicker*)… I should have placed a long term bet on this guy for one with the most Championship rings… I could have been a millionaire right now… this guy goes silent the entire 3 quarters, passing up open shots and just basically setting up teammates… then come fourth quarter goes into 5th gear… is this a go-to-guy or what? I remember in one game he was saying that he would love to give up championship ring for the chance to be a go-to-guy… guess what Rob? come 4th quarter, you’ve proven time and time again that you are a go-to-guy.

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