Should he have taken the money?

Posted on: March 2, 2007 by : hoop
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John AmaechiJohn Amaechi was on CNN today promoting his book which narrates his life story as a gay player in the NBA.

One question asked of him was on why he walked away from a $16 Million contract offered to him by the LA Lakers in exchange for a $600,000 contract from the Orlando Magic.

First he said, that the thought of that contract still haunts him, to the point that it bothers him to go to Los Angeles. Especially since he’s always wanted to be an LA Laker. The reason he turned down the contract was out of loyalty to the Magic’s who took a chance on him, the following year it was him who returned the favor by taking a chance with Orlando.

There was truth in his last statement when he said that you really can’t expect people to always return favors to you because if they did, nothing would ever get done in this world. Kinda like saying that only the selfish people really seem to have a greater chance of moving up in this world.

I have to commed the guy for his loyalty and his honesty.


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  1. Comment by sunjun — 3/6/2007 @ 3:17 pm

    wow! i agree.

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