Interview with the CEO of Starbucks: Jim Donald

Posted on: October 14, 2006 by : hoop
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Great interview with Jim Donald, the President and CEO of Starbucks. A hands-on kind of guy, he actually takes a spin behind the counter of a Starbucks whenever he does a store visit. Very interesting also his method of scheduling his time. Wherein he doesn’t believe in managing time but rather charting it.

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    George Chernikov Says:

    I suppose it’s people like him that makes the difference between a minor coffee start-up destined to fade into obscurity and the Next Big Thing.

    I am very impressed by Mr. Donald’s managerial style - I swear, he is the walking definition of the open-doors policy! Must be rather pleasant to be working in an organisation where the CEO actually takes time to write back to you instead of delegating it to his secretary. And, of course, the thank-you notes are a lovely touch!

    His approach to scheduling meetings and conducting them in 45 minutes is also noteworthy. Let’s be honest here - how many 4-hour long meetings have you been to and how many of those could be conducted in an hour or less if you left all the irrelevant blabbing, boot-licking and project selling out of the picture?

    The way it looks, Jim Donald is one CEO that will never been the target of Dilber-esque jokes - and that’s really saying a lot.

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    hoop Says:

    Great points you added George! Thanks for dropping by :D

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