Oracle snaps up Berkeley DB…checkmate MySQL?

Posted on: February 15, 2006 by : hoop
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Larry Ellison has purchased Sleepy Cat Software. Which makes the Berkeley DB engine, the other transaction safe db engine in MySQL.

I wonder if this bodes well for MySQL? After acquiring InnoDB, the most favored transaction safe db engine, MySQL has only MyISAM DB format left to call it’s own (ok this is exaggeration as there are still other formats available to MySQL).

Though no specific moves have been made yet against MySQL… I have to say that the tension that must be felt right now might be similar to the time when SCO sued IBM for suppossedly using “their” Unix code in the development of Linux.

I know that Oracle supports Free software, such as Java, but this has to be unprecedented. Is it really possible to support your competitor without hurting your bottom line?

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