Cathedral and Bazaar…

Posted on: November 28, 2005 by : hoop
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Although I never needed any convincing from external forces, in order to take up open source software over propietary… Reading Eric Raymond’s essay added more meat to my grey matter with regards to the foundations of the opensource movement…

His essay talks on the difference between opensource and closed source programming as well as why using the open source (bazaar type) model of development is good project management practice… which defeats the common notion that adding more developers to a project won’t decrease the time of development, but in fact speed it up by having more eyes looking at your code to fix potential bugs as well as suggest more superior code… but of course it has to be an egoless development environment, where developer pride is overtaken by sense of community… not to mention that it really helps to have a project leader who is an amiable guy….

Entitled The Cathedral and the Bazaar, it can be downloaded freely from his site…


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