Starwars: Clone Wars

Posted on: July 2, 2005 by : hoop
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Clone Wars were a series of cartoon shorts in the Cartoon network. From what I remember, the animators were the same guys who gave us Samurai Jack. I think they were given free hand by George Lucas to develop the cartoon based on a storyline plot that he gave. Talk about wetting our apetites for Episode 3 as well as fill in the gaps between episode 2 and 3. It’s basically old formula already, as the Wachowski brothers already did this with the Animatrix for the Matrix Series.

I was able to catch this cartoon series in Cartoon network at the Eve of the showing of Episode III. I felt Season’s 1~2 were targeted at the kids who normally watch Cartoon Network given the shallow plotlines, the last season however, being chapters 21~25, gave viewers some little information and foreshadowing of the events that would transpire in Episode III. Case in point, the predecessors of the Tie fighters and X Wings, which were seen in the opening sequence of Episode III were actually first depicted in the series.

All in all each chapter will last no longer than 12 minutes. I think it’s already available in DVD.

George Lucas is really making a killing at the marketing of this movie. Toys alone, I want to collect them all for their projected high collectors value in the near future.


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