Happy Birthday PHP…

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Your 10 years old already.

June 8, 1995… that’s how long it’s been already?

All I can say is… blow out your cake and make a wish… after just 10 years, my how you have grown… all those stuff you can do now…

Well cheers to you and lot’s of love. you sure do make us very happy.

Yes kids…

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algebra is the only tool you’ll ever need to get by in this world…

An article from slashdot reveals the the brit’s have deduced a mathematical formula to determine the success of a comedy show in television… does that apply for all type of humor? or just for the british?

[((R x D + V) x F) + S]/A.

“Comedic value is determined by multiplying the recognizability of the main character (R) by their delusions of grandeur (D). This is added to the verbal wit of the script (V), and the total is multiplied by the amount someone falls over or suffers a physical injury (F).

“The difference in social status between the highest- and lowest-ranking characters (S) is added, and finally the total is divided by the success of any scheme or stratagem in the show (A). Each term in the formula is assigned a value up to a maximum of 10 to give an overall scientific score.”

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