Spurs Win… 2005 Champs!

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Posted on June 25, 2005 | Viewed 225 times

Finally… a basketball post… after how many months?… ok a month most probably… I did post something about Reggie Miller’s retirement…

I was rooting for this team during the finals… because of course of the stoic Tim Duncan… he has a face that could pass a policeline-up… 3 championships in 7 seasons… talk about a great batting average…

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Julia Fordham - Love Moves in Mysterious Ways

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Posted on June 24, 2005 | Viewed 293 times

Who’d have thought
This is how the pieces fit?
You and I
Shouldn’t even try making sense of it

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101 Practices for a Great Life

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Posted on June 22, 2005 | Viewed 342 times

Very inspiring list from John R. Barker

1. Get to bed earlier. Get up earlier.
2. Pay yourself first. Learn to invest wisely.
3. Find one extra hour in your day for personal development.
4. Are you doing what matters most? Log your time and where you spend your money.
5. Greet others enthusiastically.
6. Record great ideas on audiocassette or on 3×5 cards, or notebook.
7. Set the tone before your week begins
8. Read magazines
9. Focus on your purpose; not results
10. Improve your communication skills

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We need to switch to this…

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Posted on June 21, 2005 | Viewed 236 times

I can’t seem to understand why we can’t benefit from our own natural gas depot?… I saw an add in cable saying that 99% of our oil is imported and it’s not just us but the entire world that’s suffering, so we should learn to conserve energy…*blah blah*

crapola!… you’re not attacking the problem correctly.. it’s the oil importing that’s the problem, not the wastage!… we should be more reliant on our own energy source…

I already heard initiatives to put natural gas buses on edsa? how long? how long till this becomes a reality?

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