Office Pirates… terror in the cubicles

Posted on: March 3, 2005 by : hoop
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I can’t seem to understand why some people like to steal ideas/finished work/skillsets from other people and pass if off as their own… that has got to be the lowest thing to do… just like selling your kin in the black market… heck… can you guys sleep at night? survival of the fittest they say…. well, the fit have to learn to stand up for themselves…

In other words… talamak talaga dito yung mga taong ganun… I don’t want to site/sight(?) examples but it happened to wifey, it happened to me… then to somebody else we knew… what usually happens is that you get tricked into doing it… they’ll ask you for something then with a sweet smile you’ll give it to then… then they get recognized by the big bosses for a job well done… and all you can do is watch your jaw drop in surprise and grumble… and ang nakakatawa pa don? pag ikaw naman ang huminggi ng tulong… dededmahin ka… bwahahaha… you people have to get a frikkin life!!!…

Then again… in my previous company, there were some people like that also… who just loved to take credit for your work or hitch a ride in your success…


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